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What have you been up to?

by Dean Crofts on 30 December, 2018

Hi I would like your thoughts on the following , if you have anything to say then please leave a comment or contact me : Is Brexit a national embarrassment? Should we have rational, evidence based Drug reform? How can we improve mental health in our schools? How would you tackle climate change? Name one […]

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Universal Credit – Increasing rent arrears

by Dean Crofts on 18 October, 2018

More reports have surfaced, this time from the Residential Landlords Association, confirming Universal Credit is not fit for purpose! Rent arrears among claimants are rising and this is no surprise considering Universal Credit is no longer meeting the requirements it was designed for. Originally, we were told it was made to look like the world […]

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Pensions – Have your say!

by Dean Crofts on 28 July, 2018

The Gov. are consulting on Pension cold calling, feel strongly, then respond to the consultation by 17082018. Read More Here and Contribute your views

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