Incident in Cardington Road

by Dean Crofts on 21 January, 2020

Bedfordshire Police has advised of an attempted burglary that occurred in Cardington Road. Please check your own security and also report any suspicious activity or incidents.

Cardington Road, Bedford. Beat 771. – Reported at 17:47 on 18/01/20.

The householder returned home to find the lock to their flat had been broken and jemmy marks on the door but entry had not been gained.

Whether these incidents were near you or not, you may want to think about whether you have noticed anything suspicious in your area, no matter how small. 

  • Did you see anyone suspicious? 
  • Did you hear anything?
  • Did you see any people or a vehicle in the area that caught your attention? 
  • Has anything similar happened to you recently or to someone you know?

Please report ALL information, incidents or suspicions to the police – report it via the police website on or ring 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. It’s a free call

If a crime is actually happening or you think it’s about to happen, ring 999.

This is a timely reminder to check your own security. Here’s a few tips.

  • Make your house look lived-in – burglars won’t be as tempted if they think someone is home. If you’re going out keep your lights on a timer and consider keeping your radio playing so it seems like someone is home. 
  • Lock up when you leave – make sure your doors and windows are locked – especially your back door and don’t leave a key in it..
  • Make sure your vehicle, garages or sheds are securely locked at all times. Not only can valuable tools be appealing to burglars, they can also be used to force entry to your home. 
  • Keep valuables out of sight – Try to keep them hidden in a safe place or out of view of windows. 
  • Don’t give crooks an easy entry – never leave keys under a doormat or in a flowerpot – it’s the first place a would-be offender would look. 
  • Property mark any valuable items, you are more likely to get them returned to you in the unfortunate event that they are stolen.
  • Look out for neighbours – ask a friend to keep an eye on your house if you’re going away, and do the same for neighbours. Stay alert to suspicious activity on your street. Report any suspicions immediately.
  • Join Neighbourhood Watch – if you aren’t already a member, join Neighbourhood Watch now. Use the REPLY button below or email

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